KRK and Aamir Khan
KRK and Aamir KhanTwitter

Twitter recently gave a wonderful gift to its users by suspending the account of self-proclaimed critic Kamaal R Khan aka KRK. It happened after he made some negative tweets about Aamir Khan's Secret Superstar and revealed its climax.

KRK is active and popular on Twitter. His tweets on movies have apparently been having a great impact on the box office collection.

While many Bollywood celebs and critics were praising Secret Superstar, KRK had slammed the film calling it a "torture". He had even abused Aamir in his tweets.

Well, Twitter reverted by suspending his account. But KRK is not one of those silent people. He took it to his Facebook account and released an official statement.

He posted the photo of his statement with caption: "This is my official statement about the suspension of my Twitter account! I will fight it out in the court."

Will he take this matter to court? Seriously KRK?

He claimed in the statement that he has not abused nor threatened anyone. He even revealed that he has spent lots of money to build his six million followers on Twitter.

After reading his statement, please make sure to read the comments for a good laugh. Doesn't this act remind you of one line of a song – "Main Rou Ya Hasu, Karu Mein Kya Karu."

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