Kamaal R Khan, Salman Khan
KRK, Salman KhanIBTimes India/ Facebook

Actor, producer and now trade expert Kamaal R Khan aka KRK is best known for the social media fights he has picked with well known stars. From Shah Rukh Khan to Sonakshi Sinha, every Bollywood celeb has been an unfortunate victim of the "Deshdrohi" actor's harsh criticism.

The newest member to have entered KRK's hate-list, however, is Salman Khan. He accused the superstar of being disrespectful toward women.

In one of the "Weekend ka Vaar" episodes of "Bigg Boss 8" he jokingly asked guest Arjun Kapoor who he would save if Alia Bhatt, Parineet Chopra and Sonakshi were drowning. Kapoor, who was on the show to launch "Superman" song from his upcoming release "Tevar", picked Sonakshi.

Contesting his answer and making an oblique hint at the slightly weighty actresses, Salman quipped that the buoyancy law would not allow Alia to float and so it would have been wise of him to have taken her name instead.

Taking the wrong cue, KRK hinted that his posts are misunderstood whereas Khan's statements are taken in jest always.

"Salman Khan said that @ParineetiChopra n @sonakshisinha will never drown because they will float in the water. Is it insult of woman? #BB8," he posted and added, "If Salman Khan says something then it's a joke but if Kamaal Khan says same thing then it's an insult. Duniya main Jiski laathi uski Bhains."

Hinting at Sonakshi's retort on Twitter a few days ago, the 'popular critic' showed clear signs of disappointment for having been subjected to unnecessary social media chaos. But, surprisingly, he didn't stop at that.

KRK went on to question TV channels and media houses who have published news of Kim Kardashian's recent nude photo spread. Talking about his survey on the 'best butt of bollywood', the actor-producer hinted that it was unfair to lash out at him.

"If I talk about Butt then it's bad but when all news papers n channels n even #BiggBoss8 talk about butt then it's business. Wah ji Wah!," he tweeted.