Kallada bus

Kerala police have filed a case against four workers of Kallada Travels (Suresh Kallada Concern) for allegedly beating up two young men during their bus journey to Bangalore. A video of the incident captured by a passenger named Jacob Philip has already gone viral on social media platforms, and people are urging authorities to take strict action against the men who mercilessly attacked the passengers.

It all happened during the trip from Harippad to Bangalore. However, the bus broke down in the midnight, soon after the journey started. The stranded passengers asked the driver and worker of the bus to provide an alternative but they apparently ignored their requests. Seeing all these, two young men who were also passengers of the same bus intervened, and they called up the Vyttila office of Kallada.

However, they did not get any positive answer from the Vyttila office, and this worsened the scene. Heated arguments went on between them and passengers even called the Harippad police for help. The police rushed to the scene and asked the bus workers to provide an alternative for the passengers. Police later left the scene after 30 minutes.

Two hours later, another bus arrived at the spot, and passengers boarded it. The journey started, and after some time, the bus stopped, and four Kallada workers entered the bus and started assaulting the young men who previously questioned them, revealed Jacob Philip, who said many of them have booked the reservation through the website Redbus.

"Bus was quiet and everyone was sleeping including myself. Not sure how long I slept and not knowing where I am at this point I wake up to some noise and altercation next to my seat. To my surprise, the driver of Kallada travels along with 3 to 5 people came towards the 2 boys who asked for an alternative and was harsh over the phone. They beat the 2 boys in Bollywood style, and then took them out of the bus. Along with him, they had also taken few people from the seats in the front who also asked the driver questions at Haripad," wrote Jacob Philip, the man who shared the video on his Facebook page.

News about this incident has now gone viral on online platforms, and social media users have now started claiming that Kallada bus workers are known for their arrogance and brutality. People are also conducting a social media campaign to boycott Kallada bus services while traveling from Kerala to Bangalore.

Kallada bus
Kallada bus

Jacob Philip also alleged that some people from Kallada had called him over the phone and had threatened him to take down the video from Facebook.