Kaley Cuoco
Pictured: Actress Kaley Cuoco attends the 17th Annual Instyle and Warner Bros. Pictures Golden Globes After Party in Beverly Hills, California Jan. 10, 2016.Reuters

Kaley Cuoco has been pretty heartbroken ever since it was decided that this would be the last season of The Big Bang Theory. So, she has been uploading as many pictures she can from the sets to make sure the memories never fade.

Recently, she took to Instagram and uploaded a behind-the-scenes photo with Johny Galecki wearing just lingerie and accompanying that with a tiny skirt. The caption read, "Finally allowed to post this pic! all new @bigbangtheory_cbs TONIGHT! I spend the entire episode in lingerie. Kidding just one scene - don't miss it! #finalseason"

The decision to end the show was first announced in August last year and when Warner Bros. Television CBS and Chuck Lorre Productions made the announcement, everyone was shocked. Cuoco was hoping that they would go, "20 more years." But alas! The decision had already been taken.

But the production company did not forget to honour TBBT and the impact the show has had on a generation for 12 straight years. The stage that was numbered 25 has officially been renamed as "The Big Bang Theory Stage." Kaley expressed her gratitude for honouring the show. She was grateful for the fact that only 5 shows have the stage in their name.

The actress also recently revealed the items that she will be taking from the sets of TBBT. While attending the 2019 Winter Press Tour, the 33-year old actress expressed her wish to take the poster of those two robots that hang on Leonard and Sheldon's wall. "It's something that I love so much and I've looked at it for 12 years," Kaley expressed.

"It's always in my eyeline from where I sit in the living room set," Kaley continued. "So I'm glad I'm going to put it in my own living room so I'll see it forever."

Though TBBT is ending, the actress will not be away from the small screen for long. She is already developing another limited series, called 'The Flight Attendant.' Later, she will also star in an animated series about Harley Quinn where she will give voice to the supervillainess.