Kalabhavan Mani
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After the post-mortem report stated actor Kalabhavan Mani died March 6 due to liver-related ailments, the latest viscera report by Regional Chemical Examiner's Laboratory at Kakkanad, Kochi, confirms that pesticide Chlorpyrifos as well as methanol and ethanol were found in the late actor's body. 

Reports suggest that the pesticide might have been added to the drink to increase the concentration of the spurious alcohol. However, as per the statement given by actor Jaffer Idukki, who was with Mani the day before his death, the late actor had only consumed beer.

Meanwhile, the outhouse (Paddy) was reportedly cleaned by Mani's friends to destroy evidence of liquor before anyone from the family arrived at the spot. The actor's three aids – Arun, Vipin and Murukan – were taken into custody Thursday as part of the investigation. 

Mani's brother RLV Ramakrishnan suspects foul play and has accused Mani's friends for their involvement in the sudden demise of the actor.  "I think they forced my brother to drink alcohol and I feel they are the reason why he was not able to do many movies in the recent days. As Mani chettan was not available most of the times, many directors had called me to speak to him. He only used to drink beer and I doubt how methyl alcohol is present in his body," Ramakrishnan told the media. 

Mani's driver Peter has also accused the actor's friends and aids for encouraging him to drink. Even the actor's wife Nimmi stated that her husband wouldn't commit suicide. "He was one person who came up in life through hard work and enjoyed everything and I am sure he will never ever commit suicide. We were leading a happy married life and you can ask anyone," Nimmi told reporters. 

Meanwhile, actor cum Lok Sabha MP Innocent has requested the government for an extensive probe into the case so that the culprits will be punished.

Listen to the statements of Ramakrishnan, Nimmi and driver Peter, manager Jobi, Dr. Sumesh here: