Bigg Boss 7 contestant and actress Tanisha Mukherjee is in for more trouble with reports revealing her family's disapproval of her actions in the television reality show.

Tanisha's proximity with contestant Armaan Kohli has been flashed on television over and over again and this apparently has not gone down with the filmy family of Kajol, brother-in-law Ajay Devgn and mother Tanuja.

The "Neal and Nikki" actress has often been recorded getting cozy with Armaan and this has irked her family. As per a Daily News Analysis report, Tanisha's family was offended with her closeness to Armaan, who is considerably her senior and asked the television channel not to focus on the duo's romance.

It is believed that host Salman Khan's recent warning of 84 cameras to the mushy duo was a direct result of her family's concern.

Before the show's launch, it was reported that Tanisha's decision to enter the reality show had caused a major turbulence in the Bollywood household. Tanuja is said to have flown down from London to convince her daughter against the decision but Tanisha refused to withdraw.

On Thursday's episode, the couple was back to their romantic liaisons as they were found cozying up in the smoking room of the house by contestant Kamya Punjabi. Much to Kamya's shock, Tanisha shrugged off the entire incident and acted indifferent.

Tanisha's romance with Armaan has created quite a situation in the house as the couple has been shunned by the entire household. The actress apart from getting intimate has been recorded bitching about almost everyone and getting into verbal altercations with Gauhar, Shilpa and Kamya.

Her rapid change from the sensitive and understanding contestant of initial weeks to a die-hard and biased Armaan supporter has resulted in a sharp nosedive of her popularity within the house. Since Tanisha is one of the elimination nominees this week, it is to be seen whether she sticks on or has to bid farewell to the show.