KajolVarinder Chawla

Actress Kajol has rebuffed reports that she has undergone a skin lightening surgery.

The "Fanaa" actress' appearance came under the scanner at a recent event, when she looked a few shades fairer than her usual dusky self. At this, reports circulated that the actress had opted for a skin melanin surgery for fairer skin.

But the feisty mother of two has now waved off the rumours and attributed lifestyle changes for her radiant appearance.

"I have not undergone any skin whitening surgery. I have just stayed out of the sun! For 10 years of my life, I was working all the time under the sun, which is why I got tanned! And now I am not working in the sun anymore. So I've got untanned! It's not a skin whitening surgery, it's a stay at home surgery," the jovial actress told Pinkvilla in a recent interview.

"I've already gotten that! (success and stardom) Why would I lighten my skin now?" she added. 

The 39 year-old star wife further credited a balanced and healthy regime for her leaner and fitter frame.

"I work out a lot, I spend a lot of time in the gym. There's no easy way to do it. I wouldn't say that I am naturally like this...I work out really hard, and am very good at my diet, and that has worked for me," the actress said. "It(fitness and diet) takes time. It takes effort and it's difficult to manage... It's very, very difficult to start and focus on anything that's good for you."

Soon after Kajol's skin whitening reports started circulating, a report by The Times of India slotted the talented actress alongside veterans Sridevi and Rekha, who the report claimed have also resorted to similar cosmetic treatments for achieving a fairer skin tone.

Reports of Kajol's cosmetic skin lightening surgery follows on the heels of Anushka Sharma's lip job reports, which rose to prominence after the young actress was spotted with a changed appearance on a chat show earlier this year. But Sharma had denied going under the knife and issued a statement saying that she had been using a temporary lip pluming technique for her upcoming film.