"Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" fan-base had suffered a major meltdown after Parth Samthaan (Manik) bowed out of the show, but good times are back for those who love and adore the TV star.

On Saturday, Parth shared the big news on social media. "Good Morning Guyz....M Coming in Ky2s2.....! My Shoot Starts From 30th Sep....Bye God Bless U ALL (sic)," he posted on Instagram. His decision to walk out of the show grabbed headlines and was followed by gossips. Parth, however, in an interview with The Times of India, said it was for his personal growth that he chose to leave "KY2".

"I was offered a few Bollywood projects at the same time. It was for my personal growth that I chose to opt out of the TV show," the actor told the leading daily in response to conjectures, which said he was thrown out of another TV show for being unprofessional. He agreed to having left town after he was asked not to but then it was he who let go of the offer of starring in upcoming show in another channel and not otherwise.

"Firstly, I had not signed anything with them. That's a false accusation. Yes, they had asked me not to leave the town, however, I had to for my own reasons. But I opted out and not the other way around. They wanted to have a dialogue post that, but I decided to let go of the offer," he clarified.