A lot is being written about Parth Samthaan's aka Manik's exit from "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan". Some reports suggest he bowed out of the show owing to medical issues, while others say "Season 2" will return with him in the lead role.

An insider told DNA that one of the main reasons behind the actor quitting the show was his co-star Niti Taylor aka Nandini. Apparently, the two never got along and always had huge arguments off-screen.

"Niti Taylor who plays Nandini in the film and Parth don't get along with each other at all. Although they play leads on the show and are seen romancing each other on screen, off screen, their relationship is altogether very different. They have huge arguments over every little thing and the entire team is aware that the two actors cannot stand each other," the insider further elaborated.

This is a shocker considering how beautifully both the actors portray their characters on-screen.

To support this theory, Bollywood life published a piece of news a few months ago that spoke about a major tiff the two had during shooting.

Apparently, Parth stepped in late making Niti wait with her makeup on for several hours. After the matter escalated and reached the producers, the actress walked up to her co-star to sort out the problem. Instead of being apologetic about his tardiness, Parth reportedly yelled at Niti bringing the entire set to a halt.

However, the actor has issued an official statement on Twitter confirming his exit and wishing the unit the best for future.

In other news, the viewers aren't too pleased with the the first season's ending, in which Cabir and Manik were seen entering a car that was rigged with explosives intended to kill Nandini.