Parth Samthaan's (Manik) exit from "Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" has been written about quite often lately. Fans may not be pleased with his decision of bowing out of the show, but co-star Niti Taylor (Nandini) appears to be unaffected.

In one of her Twitter posts, she wrote how someone leaving the show isn't the cast's fault adding that they need an opportunity to prove themselves with season 2 of "KY2".

"This time ky2 season2 is about friendship (yaarian) pyaar dostiiii hai! Chance toh do! If u all don't like it, it will get shut automatically but till then enjoy the friendship, the new looks, the yaarian, the new small baby .. But just give us a chance! It's not our fault if someone left ky2 we are just doing out job by entertaining u all," she posted.

Does this mean Parth's absence on the show doesn't make a difference to Niti? While the answer to the question is best known to the two, reports of them picking fights on the sets indicate there was bad blood between them.

Although none of the concerned parties has come forward agreeing to their personal differences, there have been conjectures how once Parth yelled at Niti bringing the shoot to a hault.

In other news, Yuvraj Thakur has replaced the young actor for season 2 and he is thrilled about the role.

"I'm super excited to be part of a show that has fans going crazy over every minor twist and turn in it. In India, I don't think I've come across a show that's generated this kind of fan following in a long long time. And to be part of a show of such a caliber is truly exhilarating," IANS quoted him as saying.