"Kaisi Yeh Yaariaan" stud Parth Samthaan hurt his fans when he chose to bow out of the show for another project, and it now appears that it wasn't a wise decision after all.

According to a Tellychakkar report, the actor was shown the doors by the makers of an upcoming show for behaving unprofessionally. He reportedly never turned up for a photoshoot choosing to party in Bangalore instead.

Replacing Parth is "Warrior High" actor Laksh Lalwani, who will be joined by "Dil Ki Baatein Dil Hi Jaane" girl Mahima Makwana.

Although Parth, Laksh and producer Gul Khan remained unavailable for comment, Mahima reportedly said she has been in talks.

This piece of news is in-sync with what "KY2" actress Niti Taylor said a few days ago.

"It is a shocker for everybody when a main character leaves a show. It's disheartening. But then, it's not our fault and it's not even his(Parth) fault, it's his choice. But you can't blame us for it. Atleast see our show, anything might happen. Manik just might come back once again. No one knows what's going to happen," she told Bollywood Life.

So, will Parth return to his home turf considering he's reportedly out of projects now? Only time will tell.

Meanwhile, Yuvraj Thakur, who has joined the cast -- for the show's second season -- as Maddie, explained how Parth's exit has left fans disappointed.

"There is always a pressure when you are joining a series mid-way because there is so much to prove on-set as well as off-set. See honestly saying, I was expected a lot of hatred from the fans. Par aisa kuch hua nahin. Out of 100, I have received 85-90 percent of positive feedback. The point is that emptiness is there with the fans, they are missing Manik," the popular web portal quoted Yuvraj as saying.