Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum
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Vijay Sethupathi's market is considerably growing overseas and his latest movie "Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" clearly shows it. Indeed, the actor's last week's release has performed better than his previous movie "Sethupathi" in centres like the U.S, the U.K, Australia and Malaysia. 

"Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" has done well in the U.S where it has minted Rs 66.9 lakh from 50 screens, reports Bollywood Hungama. The collection of his latest movie has almost doubled compared to his "Sethupathi," which had earned Rs 35.01 lakh from 35 screens in its first weekend.

The latest Tamil film has performed well in the U.K by collecting Rs 15.94 lakh from 23 screens in its opening weekend. The actor's previous film "Sethupathi" could only rake in Rs 8.44 lakh from eight screens.

"Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" has earned Rs 17.08 lakh from six screens in Australia, while "Sethupathi" made Rs 4.67 lakh from two screens in the first weekend.

In the Malaysian box office, "Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" has collected Rs 8.56 lakh from 14 screens. But the performance of "Sethupathi" was not up to the mark.

However, "Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" could not beat the records of Vijay Sethupathi's "Naanum Rowdydhaan" at overseas centres. The below table gives you a clear picture of his three movies:

Movies U.S U.K Australia Malaysia
Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum Rs 66.9 lakh from 50 screens. Rs 15.94 lakh from 23 screens. Rs 17.08 lakh from 6 screens. Rs 8.56 lakh from 14 screens. 
Sethupathi Rs 35.01 lakh from 35 screens. Rs 8.44 lakh from 8 screens. Rs 4.67 lakh from 2 screens.  -
Naanum Rowdydhaan Rs 1.16 crore from 37 screens.  Rs 38.50 lakh from 21 screens.  Rs 26.23 lakh from 7 screens.  Rs 11.66 lakh from 7 screens.
Note: Numbers from reported screens only.

"Kadhalum Kadanthu Pogum" is also doing well at the domestic box office. The movie has minted Rs 7.45 crore from 327 screens in Tamil Nadu, revealed journalist Sreedhar Pillai on Twitter. It means the movie has beaten the first weekend record of "Sethupathi," which had earned about Rs 3.5 crore.

The latest film is expected to do well in the coming days as the movie has garnered positive reviews.

[1 lakh = 100,000 | 1 crore = 10 million | 100 crore = 1 billion]