Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru
Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru is releasing on 18 November.PR Handout

Musician GV Prakash Kumar is transforming himself as a full-time actor and back with his latest movie Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru. It is a fun-filled youth film, directed by M Rajesh, who is known as a comedy specialist.

The movie has Nikki Galrani and Anandhi playing the female leads. Prakash Raj, RJ Balaji, Urvasi, Manobala, Robot Shankar, MS Bhasker, Singam Puli, Mottai Rajendran and many others in the supporting roles. The movie has Sakthi Saravanan's music and Vivek Harshan's editing.

GV Prakash Kumar himself has scored the music for Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru. 'Iravinil Aattam' and 'Locality Boys' songs from the Tamil flick have become hits.

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru is a road movie that takes off in Chennai and moves on to Goa and Puducherry (Pondicherry). The story revolves around a young man called Kumar, which is played by GV Prakash, who is in the final year of his college.

GV Prakash Kumar's earlier movies were adult comedies and become hits among the mass and youths. But this movie is targeted at all section of audience and it has bagged clean 'U' certificate from the regional censor board.

Kadavul Irukaan Kumaru, which is releasing on Friday, 18 November, has drawn the viewers' attention with its trailer and audio. Will the film live up to their expectations? Find it in the viewers' words below:

ChristopherKanagaraj: Showtime #KadavulIrukaanKumaru
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru | 1st hlf - Avg, Tv show spoof scene and interval block scene is gud. Poor music and pathetic dance. Whr is comedy :(
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru | 2nd half - Nothing special, plain drama with few comedies here and there, 'iravinil aattam' song gud. Disappointing!
Pros: - R J Balaji, Prakashraj - Tv show spoof, troll scenes Cons: - Story & screenplay - GVP template actg

Hari: #KadavulIrukaanKumaru a spoof take on TV shows , apart few guffaws, follows rather monotonous comedy , missing the usual Rajesh magic!

Raisa Nasreen: @_anithasridhar if virgin pasanga, locality boys and Thala-thalapathy reference interest you, then sure it's a fun watch. Otherwise
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru: although the liquor and women bashing scenes have been reduced. #KIK is an underwhelming watch.
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru: zero plot. Lots of comic scenes in the first half which derails in the second half. @RJ_Balaji stands out.

Kaushik LM: #KadavulIrukaanKumaru #KIK 1st half- Good comedy fun with @RJ_Balaji, Urvashi's Pesuvadhellam Unmai, PSNL etc. The road chase part to begin!
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru #KIK -The fun works in parts, with lots of spoof elements on popular ppl & topics. Malar teacher comment was a shocker
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru #KIK 2nd half - There are some gags spread over, with @RJ_Balaji, @iamrobosankar etc. Balaji fullon kalaai mode.
#KadavulIrukaanKumaru #KIK 1st half- Good comedy fun with @RJ_Balaji, Urvashi's Pesuvadhellam Unmai, PSNL etc. The road chase part to begin!

Sachu Hopes: #KadavulIrukaanKumaru / #KIK 1st Half: #LocalityBoys gvprakash and RJ_Balaji r keepin the humour flowin.. #Urvasi TV show is a highlight

Ramesh Bala: #KadavulIrukaanKumaru / #KIK 1st Half: #LocalityBoys @gvprakash and @RJ_Balaji r keepin the humour flowin.. #Urvasi TV show is a highlight

SettuOfficial: just now watched #KadavulIrukaanKumaru with @RJAadhi &@kandaknd !rofl performance by @gvprakash fun ride !kudos bro !happt for ur victories

Seenu Sri: 1st Half Finished.... Semma entertainment @gvprakash Anna semma acting... AND semma cute... entry vera Level☺☺

Yeshwanth: Just now watched #KadavulIrukaanKumaru sema comedyEspecially that pesuvathellam unmaii semma Superb @RJ_Balaji and @gvprakash anna

Aravind: #KadavulIrukaanKumaru review : poor story makes the audience to sleepmode, 2nd half totally (2/5) can't able to see it in single time