The introduction scene of "Kabali" has been leaked and has gone viral on social media. A 2-minute-long video has been doing the rounds on Twitter and Whatsapp that happens to be the opening scene of Rajinikanth's "Kabali." However, there are possibilities that the leaked first scene of "Kabali" would attract more audience to the theatre.

The intro scene of the movie has apparently been leaked two days before its official release. The video has been spreading on social media like wild fire and it is being supposed that it has been leaked from a special screening of "Kabali" in the United States.

While some of the viewers of the opening scene of "Kabali" have been expressing concern over the footage getting leaked, some others on Twitter have asserted that they have booked tickets for the movie after watching the video.

Many on the micro blogging site have been saying that after watching the opening scene of "Kabali," they felt more tempted to watch the movie in theatre and have booked the tickets. Some others are even suggesting that the entire leak episode may be a publicity gimmick to lure more audience to buy tickets.

Earlier, it was reported that "Kabali" full movie was leaked online and was available on around 180 websites. However, the producer of Rajinikanth-starrer later denied the same and asserted that these were all false rumours. Although the full movie might not have been leaked, the introduction scene of "Kabali" is certainly creating a rage among fans.

Now, it will be interesting to see if the leaked scene of Rajinikanth's big movie actually helps in its box office collection or "Kabali" witnesses negative results out of the entire controversy. Check out some of the reactions of fans on Twitter after watching the leaked introductory scene of "Kabali":