Audios of Rajinikanth's movies have often played a big role in their success. The albums have been working as a hype-builder to his films. Now, the music of his latest film "Kabali" has been released with a couple of tracks winning the hearts of the audience.

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The audio of "Kabali" has five songs of which three tracks have been appreciated by the audience. Especially, "Maya Nadhi" and Neruppu Da" numbers have got fantastic response.People on social media sites have shared their opinion that it is more of a Santhosh Narayanan's album than a Rajinikanth's album.

It is because Santhosh Narayanan has not tried to play it to the gallery and composed music to the requirement of the content. Here, we bring you selected-few comments posted by audience on Twitter:

Ramesh: album 4 #Thalaivar #Magzhichi Picks: #NeruppuDa #Ulagam #MayaNadhi

Ramkumar:#Kabali songs r very unique, Kabilan lyrics r awesome. #sana's melody increases my thirst to watch visuals. BGM lam vera level

Nishanth: @Arunrajakamaraj #NeruppuDa is turn out be my Favourite in #Kabali album what a voice !what a lines ! #RepeatingMode

Kamaljii: Honestly, SaNa's #Kabali is much better than #ARR's #Lingaa ... RT, if you sync & agree...

Juvi: Take a bow @Arunrajakamaraj you have taken #NeruppuDa to the next level. Goosebumps material. Powerful and Majestic. #Kabali #KabaliSwag

Ajjun: #Kabalisongs average. But maybe like always with SaNa I will get to like them later

Ashok: #KabaliSongs Rocking Album from Santhosh Narayanan My Picks after First Hearing #NeruppuDa & #MaayNadhi #Thalaivar #Kabali

Earlier Story:
The makers have unleashed the track list recently and it shows that "Kabali" has five songs. What has excited the viewers is the number of Tamil film singers whose voices are being used for Rajinikanth for the first time.

People are curious to see how the voices will fit Rajinikanth's character in "Kabali." Looking at the track record of music director Santhosh Narayanan, it is safe to say that the young talent could produce some memorable tracks.

His experiments have been a whiff of fresh air and audience of all age groups, especially youths, have instantly connected to his music. This factor has made music lovers keep mammoth of expectations from the album.

Role of Music in Rajinikanth Films

The albums from Rajinikanth's films have consistently lived up to the audience's expectations and his last two films "Lingaa" and "Kochadaiiyaan" have given some memorable tracks.

If "Oh Nanba," Indianne Vaa" and "Mona Gasolina" had won the hearts in "Lingaa," there were six songs, including "Engae Pogudho Vaanam" and "Idhayam," that impressed the listeners. As a result, fans have a strong reason to expect good numbers from the latest film.

Ananthu, Ganabala, Roshan Jamrock, Pradeep Kumar, Shweta Mohan, Lawrence R and Arun Raja Kamaraj have lent their voices for the songs in "Kabali." It has to be noted that the music director himself has sung a track in the album. Kabilan, Vivek, Uma Devi and Arun Raja Kamaraj have penned the songs.

The audio of "Kabali" will be released on Sunday, June 12.