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Vasanthabalan's "Kaaviya Thalaivan" is set in pre-independence era. Siddharth, Malayalam star Prithiviraj, Vedhicka and Nasser are in the key roles in the historical-fiction.

Thavathiru Sivadas Swamigal (Nassar}, who runs a popular drama troupe during the British Raj, trains Kaliappa Bhagavathar (Siddharth) and Gomathi Nayagam Pillai (Prithviraj) and his students are popular among audience.

Kaliappa is known for hogging limelight more than sincere performer Gomathi. This makes the latter jealous of the former. The equation that share forms the base of the narration. In short, the story is all about their friendship, betrayal, romance and the ego clashes.

Audience Reviews:
"Kaaviya Thalaivan" has been largely getting positive reviews. People are pointing out the brilliant performance of Siddharth and Prithviraj along with the technical departments. AR Rahman's songs and background score have been appreciated. However, there are also audience, who feel that the story part is not up to the mark.We bring you the responses posted by audience on Twitter. Find it below:

Shubha Tweets

Guys must watch #KaaviyaThalaivan #vedhika's intro performances is the talk of all..congrats vedhu!

Haricharan Pudipeddi Tweeted

#KaaviyaThalaivan works only in parts like Rahman's music. But Kudos to Vasantabalan's sincere effort to try something offbeat.
#KaaviyaThalaivan Siddharth's character has strong reference to his own part from #RangDeBasanti, while Vedhika's reminds us of Mirabai.
#KaaviyaThalaivan While the performances are highly satisfying, the weak screenplay doesn't elicit interest to keep you engaged for 150 mins
#KaaviyaThalaivan a tale of friendship versus ego sincerely captured against the backdrop of a drama troupe. But writing is a big letdown

Rajasekar Posted

#KaaviyaThalaivan - 4/5, epic -poetic drama by @vasantabalan . Take a bow @Actor_Siddharth this is a life time role & you are fantastic

Christopher K Claims

#KaaviyaThalaivan Wonderful film! @Actor_Siddharth wow performnce & pritvi equaly gud, superb songs and great screenplay by vasanthabalan!
#KaaviyaThalaivan Interval block conver btn sid - nasser, climax convers btn sid-prithvi are best scenes, all songs are choreographed well

Geetika Sudip

@Actor_Siddharth & @lionheart_ps are the new-gen Kamalhasan & Mohanlal. Fab performances, must-watch movie! #kaaviyathalaivan #puretalent

Gokul Babu

Watched #KaaviyaThalaivan A Must Watch Movie Before ending 2014!! Purely Class Performance. The main positive is Drawbacks are lower! 3.75/5

Ambrish Kannan

#KaaviyaThalaivan is a great watch. Brilliant acting by sidharth pritviraj combined with beautiful songs with good lyrics Complete package

Mani Shankar

#KaaviyaThalaivan : @vasantabalan executed it like a poetry !! But little slow in screenplay but that's not a prob !! Winner !!
#KaaviyaThalaivan : @Actor_Siddharth @PRITHVIIRAJ combo and acting nailed it !! Rock stars !! @Vedhika4u wow wow u Queen vadivu "! Awesome

Abhishek Tweets

#KaaviyaThalaivan is not just a film ! Pls don't bring it under the usual qualms of the cinema format or whatsoever ! .@Actor_Siddharth
#KaaviyaThalaivan's prodcution value will floor you !
Niravshah is not cinematographer ! A magician ! #KaaviyaThalaivan
.@Vedhika4u ? Respect ! Vera level acting ! Hasthas were perfect ! #Kaaviyathalaivan
What do you eat bro ? Killer performance by .@Actor_Siddharth Best in this year !

Santosh Writes

#KaaviyaThalaivan .A different xperience n brilliant acting by @Actor_Siddharth n @lionheart_ps .Awzme competition btwn d 2 actors on scrn

Devanayagam Posts

#KaaviyaThalaivan Dir Vasantha Balan has given a film which we can be proud of! Brilliant @Actor_Siddharth @Vedhika4u
#KaaviyaThalaivan is not just a film ! Pls don't bring it under the usual qualms of the cinema format or whatsoever ! .@Actor_Siddharth

Paramesh Posted

#KaaviyaThalaivan- Siddharth at his best. Second half could have been better. Nevertheless, great effort! Go watch it!
#KaaviyaThalaivan- Interval. Brilliant so far. Nasser stands out! A.R.R- No words. Theriific. /m

Praveen Karan Wrote

#KaaviyaThalaivan - Director Vasantabalan offers a new experience altogether with his typical touch, he excels in his story & theme neatly.
#KaaviyaThalaivan interval - Excellent so far. The blood & sweat spent for nearly 2 yrs seen in each frame. @arrahman's music extraordinary!
#KaaviyaThalaivan: Nonetheless, hats off to Sashikant,Varun Manian who supported Vasanthabalan's brave vision.Can qualify the cult status :)
#KaaviyaThalaivan - The film has a fantastic first half followed which the the pace slackens in next haf. Climax is a bit of a let down IMO
#KaaviyaThalaivan - @arrahman is a big asset to the film, his songs, his background score lifted the atmosphere to another level. INCREDIBLE

Aswath Fan Of VJ Wrote

#KaaviyaThalaivan -1st half good.2nd half screenplay could have been developed,,but Ok.Sidh acting superb..! Heroine looks good..Rating soon
#KaaviyaThalaivan - Good experience,Visually Brilliant ,Starts with Title Card and flashback with ARR Bgm .Comedy and romance in first half.

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