Kaapan Review
Suriya and Mohanlal's Kappaan.PR Handout

KV Anand has collaborated with Suriya for the third time for Kaappaan, an action thriller like their previous works, but the latest flick is entirely set in a new premise. The film has ensemble cast comprising of Mollywood superstar Mohanlal and real-life celebrity couple Arya and Sayyeshaa.

Boman Irani, Samuthirakani, Thalaivasi Vijay, Poorna, and others are part of the cast. The film has Harris Jayaraj's music, Harris Jayaraj's music and Anthony's editing.

The story revolves around Kathir, a commando from the SPG (Special Protection Group) played by Suriya. It gives an insight into the modus operandi of the lesser-known armed force which provides security for the Prime Minister and for the former Prime Ministers of India along with their family members.

The officers' primary aim is to safeguard their masters and will be prepared to take bullets from the enemy. Mohanlal plays the role of the Prime Minister of the country named Chandrakanth Varma. Arya will enact the character of his son named Abhishek, while Sayyeshaa will be seen as Anjali, press secretary, who works in the Prime Minister's office. The story deals around how the SPG officer fights to save the life of his boss, while trying to address social issues. 


It is a fast-paced entertainer with twists at regular intervals. The movie gets interesting towards the end of the first half, but the overall writing is not up to the mark. The director has tried to inject a lot of irrelevant angles to the story which fails to hold the attention of the viewers. The weak villains do not help the cause in any way.

The crispier climax would have added a lot of value to the storyline. Suriya steals the show by appearing in multiple get-ups. Action blocks get a thumbs-up and special mention for the making. Mohanlal has a well-written character. Overall, it turns out to be an average movie in tried-and-tested template.

Check out the viewers' response to the film below:

Haricharan Pudipeddi: #Kaappaan - A decently executed action thriller from @anavenkat that has @Suriya_offl in prime form, essaying the role of a SPG commando quite convincingly. Couple of action stretches stand out in an otherwise tried-and-tested but entertaining narrative that has its highs & lows.

Kaushik LM: #Kaappaan 1st half -
@Mohanlal marked his majestic presence as the Indian PM.
Multiple locations, big scale, political action thriller, going ok so far..
Hope the 2nd half offers WOW moments and impactful sequences..
#Kaappaan 1st half - Like #NGK,
@Suriya_offl propagates organic farming here too. Shows his genuine concern for farmers.
The star is seen in quite a few looks, and is earnest & energetic as always - SPG commando.
KVA's trademark naughty, double-meaning fun touches are there too

Ramesh Bala: #Kaappaan 1st Half : @Suriya_offl's character starts off mysteriously..
He simply rocks whether action sequences or delivering messages as a farmer.. @Mohanlal is dignified as PM..
Cute romantic scenes between @Suriya_offl and @sayyeshaa
Shocking interval block..

Sidhu: #Kaappaan Interval: Fairly engaging so far. An interesting premise with lots of characters converging. KV Anand keeps dropping the clues at regular intervals, making us play the guessing game.
@Suriya_offl is at the centre of the proceedings, shining in a stylish role!

ISPN: @Mohanlal is the scene-stealer despite his limited screen length in the film. Once again proved there are no language barriers for him. His screen presence and acting will definitely win the hearts of the Tamil audience as well.

 ᴱᴺᴾᵀ: One Time Watchable #Kaappaan
Classy Look @Suriya_offl ! @anavenkat Tried To Conveyed Too Many Messages
Film Is About Current Political Level Of India & Tamilnadu Farmers
Expected More From @Jharrisjayaraj
Watched #KaappaanFDFS

Illuminati: #Kaappaan Pakka KV Anand Style with many excellent Sequences. Suriya, Mohanlal sir, Arya every one did great job and justified their roles. Will be a repeat mode film after a long time.

Forum Keralam (FK): #Kaappaan Disappointed with how KV went about things post interval.Tried to convey too many things,few worked few flat.Twists are okay but predictable. Decent climax,but that isn't enough to cover up the poor writing till then.Strictly average fare
Decent First half so far with nothing much happening initially but gets interesting towards the ends with a surprising interval block Interval block provides the much needed impetus for a thrilling 2nd. Fingers crossed

Tamil Censor: #Kaappaan 1st Half : Terrific so far, #Suriya's Hardwork is absolutely remarkable. KV Anand's Racy Screenplay & Story are well handled.
Audiences just want to know what will happen next. Harris BGM is another Major thing. Interval SequenceWaiting for 2nd Half..!
#Kaappaan 2nd Half : Pakka KV Anand Style with many Wow Sequences. Suriya in full form, Mohanlal sir, Arya..all characters have justified their roles.

V'fied: Just watched #Kaappaan Excellent film. Blown away with
@Suriya_offl extraordinary performance, Surya proved himself that he's the only actor who justifies any kinda role.. 4/5

Keerthi Ram: #kaappaan is total roller coaster ride everyone acted really well in there character. No real dull moments in the film. I think all audiences will like this film . Finally i can say that
is back with a bang

Anand Ramesh: #Kaappaan intermission. Steady first half. Unexpected and nice interval block.
@Mohanlal lived as a PM. @Suriya_offl

S Abishek: #Kaappaan @Suriya_offl fits the bill perfectly as d dedicated commando.
@anavenkat once again manages to bring his unique investigation angle to d plotline.
Songs dampen the pace but till now things are fine. Expecting some major twists and turns.
Edit is puriyadha pudhir
#Kaappaan - important info packed within the genre.
The farmer/commando angle is a refreshing treatment for a hero.
Chartbuster songs and crispier climax would have made it better.
I just felt the film lacked some major high points, but the
@anavenkat charm is still there

ISPN: Interval #Kaappaan is a fast paced entertainer so far with some thrilling moments. 'Singam'
in terrific form, brilliantly supported by 'Pulimurugan'
@Mohanlal Solid Entertainment!!!