Mersal Vs Kaala
Vijay's Mersal Vs Rajinikanth's Kaala.PR Handout

Every time a teaser or trailer of a much-awaited movie of an A-list actor releases in Kollywood, a virtual fight among the fans of the actors usually breaks out on social media handles. Often when it comes to Tamil movies, the fans of well-known actors Ajith and Vijay are always at loggerheads. However, this time the clash has happened between the fans of Vijay and Rajinikanth.

It all started with the release of Kaala teaser, which was unveiled on Friday, March 2.

Since its release, the fans have been keeping a close eye on the number of likes and hits on YouTube and comparing it with another blockbuster Mersal starring Vijay. 

Mersal teaser, garnered 1 lakh likes in less than 10 minutes and another 4 lakh likes in an hour after its release. In fact, this was the first Tamil movie whose teaser got 6 lakh likes and achieved 5 million hits in five hours. On the other hand, Kaala teaser has just reached 2.7 million in 11 hours and 2.3 lakh likes which isn't close enough to Mersal's record. 

The teaser from Kaala was leaked before its official release and this might be one of the reasons why the numbers could be lesser than Mersal. Moreover, the teaser was expected to be out in the morning, but instead, they unveiled it at midnight.

Rajinikanth in Kaala
Rajinikanth in Kaala.A screen shot from Kaala teaser

Keeping the number of likes and hits as a parameter, Vijay fans are questioning the stardom of Rajinikanth and claiming that Vijay has now taken over the superstar status in terms of popularity.

Whether Kaala will surpass 10 million hits in 19 hours to beat the Mersal record, or not, only time will tell us.

Kaala Teaser 
The teaser of Kaala strikes the chord with the viewers with Rajinikanth's trademark elements written all over the 1.17-minute video. From beating the thugs to an intensified conversation with the antagonist, the superstar does everything that his fans love to see in his movies. [Watch the video here]