The K2
Three followers of The K2 were invited by Yoona to the drama sets on October 12.Instagram/Yoona

There are a few days left for "The K2" to premiere and it seems as if the show's producers are dropping quite a few hints in the days leading to the release date. In a latest update, teaser images of a cast member were uploaded on the show's Facebook page.

In the teaser images, Girls' Generation member Yoona looks desolate and scared as she stands barefoot on an empty street. The 26-year-old Korean celebrity plays the role of Ko An-Na, the president hopeful's secret child and the teaser images suggest that she will play an important role in the premiere episode.

Episode 1 of "The K2" will no doubt explore Ko An-Na's character in detail. The protagonist's fears and anxieties will be projected on screen as she steps out into the street. However, Ko An-Na's story will resemble another person's tragic life. Ko An-Na's loneliness will be experienced by the protagonist Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) as well. Her bodyguard's happiness will be clouded by loss.

In the promo for episode 1 of the Korean drama, Kim says that he's lost love. This fatalist bodyguard seems destructive about his personal life, but the trailer indicates that Ko An-Na's innocence and her oppressed life will afford him some respite from having a defeatist attitude.

Although spoilers for the show suggest that a love story between Ko An-Na and Kim Je-Ha (Ji Chang-Wook) will form the crux of the story, it remains to be seen if their chemistry becomes evident in episode 1.

"The K2" premieres at 8 pm KST on Friday, Sep. 23 on TvN.