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Jia's time with JYP Entertainment has come to an end. The K-pop star stepped out of her role as band member of the all girl group, Miss A, the company stated on Thursday, May 20. This leaves the popular group with just three band members, Suzy Bae, Fei aka Wang Feifei and Min aka Lee Min-young.

JYP Entertainment's statement read, "Jia's contract with JYP Entertainment has come to an end as of May 20. Jia has been with us for a long time, and we will continue to support her in the future. We wish from the bottom of our hearts that she flourishes even more."

Although the exact reason behind her departure from the company isn't known yet, Soompi speculated that the singer could have left JYP Entertainment to pursue a career in acting. The outlet pointed out that Jia has gained a wide fan base in China.

Miss A's former band member debuted in Chinese film "The Third Way of Love" in 2015, and is currently working on her upcoming project, "Undercover Punch and Gun."

Jia aka Meng Jia's exit from Miss A is no doubt a shock, but the "Only You" singer's former company dispelled fans' fears by assuring that the all girl group will continue to exist.

The entertainment company issued another statement which read, "It is only Jia leaving the group. Miss A will not disband. While there aren't any plans for an album or comeback activities for some time, the three members will focus on individual activities."

Band member Fei, whose contract also ended on May 20, decided to renew it. The contracts of other two band members, Suzy and Min, will expire in 2017 and it remains to be seen if they will renew it as well.