Jyotiraditya Scindia's sudden exit from Congress party and the grand welcome he received at the BJP forefront has made many happy, especially the people of Gwalior. Hailing from the family of rulers of Gwalior, Jyotiraditya had a grand and magnificent royal wedding with Priyadarshini Raje of the royal Gaekwad family of Baroda. Her mother belonged to the royal dynasty of Nepal.

The first meeting

It was an arranged marriage for the couple where they were set up to meet with the families, in front of everyone. Jyotiraditya had once revealed that it was 'love at first sight' for him. "It was in December 1991, that I first met Priyadarshini, the daughter of Sangram Sinh Gaekwad of Baroda, in Delhi. She was based in Mumbai and me in the US at that point in time. Our first meeting was an arranged affair - a dinner at a social gathering. From then on, it was up to us. But I knew from day one that Priyadarshini was the one for me. We were finally married in December 1994," a timesnownews reported him as saying.

Jyotiraditya Scindia, Priyadarshini Raje
Jyotiraditya Scindia, Priyadarshini RajeFacebook

World's most beautiful woman

Apart from being voted Verve's "Best dressed - 2008", Priyadarshini Raje, was also included in "India's 50 Most Beautiful Women" list by Femina. Jyotiraditya and Priyadarshini have two children – Yuvraj Mahanarayan Raje and Ananya Raje. "I was just 20 when my son was born and for a few years I just wanted to get to know the family better," Priyadarshini told DNA.

Talking about the influence and impact of Priyadarshini in their house and the members, Jyoti was quoted as saying by timesnownews, "Baba describes best what Priyadarshini means to me. He wrote to her saying that she was the bulwark of his son. In terms of emotional strength, the foundation of our home, the interests of our children, Priyadarshini means everything to me. However, politics is not for her she is keen on writing and will pen a novel someday."

Priyadarshini has not only stood as a pillar of strength for Jyotiraditya but also emerged as the backbone of the family during the untimely and tragic demise of Madhavrao Scindia's death.