Jyoti Amge
Jyoti Amge, the world's shortest living woman, displays her hands decorated with henna, on the eve of her 18th birthday in December 15, 2011. Amge was certified by the Guinness World Records as the shortest woman in the world with an average measurement of 24.39 inches (61.95 cm) on Friday.Reuters

The smallest woman in the world, Jyoti Amge, grinned as she sat between the largest feet on the planet.

Jyoti, who is just 2 feet tall, posed with Brahim Takioullah, the second tallest man in the world, to persuade thousands of people for a Guinness World Records challenge.

The challenge titled "Amazing Feet" is to break a record for the largest online photo album of feet. Nineteen-year-old Jyoti from Nagpur was overshadowed by Brahim's feet in the photo they posed for. The pair has posed for a series of photos to highlight their difference in size.

The 31-year-old giant from Paris has the largest feet in the world that measure 38.1 cm (1 feet 3 inches).

Their aim was to promote the event and to get 50,000 pairs of feet clicked and uploaded on the official site of challenge.

Jyoti was officially declared the world's smallest woman with a height of 58.42 cm (23 inches) by Guinness Book of Records on her birthday in 2011. Her restricted height is due to a growth anomaly called achondroplasia. She was a guest participant at the famous Bigg Boss season 6 - a television show in India where participants are required to live together in a large house engaging in a variety of 'tasks' as part of the game-show.

Jyoti joined hands with Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) a campaign to win the civic elections in Mumbai last year. She also dreams to enter the Bollywood industry as a singer and dancer.

The "Amazing Feet" challenge is one of the largest mass-participation world records ever attempted. Anyone can submit a photo of their feet to the website. The challenge is open to the public all summer.

Click here for the official website.