Jyothika's Ponmagal Vandhal has garnered fantastic response before its digital release. It had hit the internet with a bang on 21 May and in a matter of five days, the promotional video has fetched over 13 million views on YouTube alone.

Jyothika in Ponmagal Vandhal
Jyothika in Ponmagal Vandhal.Screen Shot

Overwhelming Response
The video has amassed over 59,000 likes with just 2400 dislikes for the video. The clip was overwhelmingly welcomed by the fans of Suriya and Jyothika. As the positive words spread around the clip, the trailer started getting good response from the the Kollywood cine-goers.

With a aim to reach out to the large section of audience, Amazon Prime released the trailer across 31 Tamil TV channels, simultaneously on 21st May at 8:43 pm (IST) on 21 May. The press release from the PR team of the movie claimed that the clip is estimated to have been viewed by 14 million people on television during the primetime mainly across Tamil Nadu and Puducherry.

Ponmagal Vandhal is a court-room drama which tells the story an honest lawyer who aims to free an innocent woman, wrongfully convicted. This gripping tale revolves around the story of a resident in Ooty named 'Petition' Pethuraj who reopens a case from 2004 that involves a serial killer 'Psycho Jyoti' who was convicted for kidnapping and murder.

Riveting Tale
Venba, his daughter and a passionate lawyer, weaves through the loopholes to unveil the truth. The case is a devious maze where nothing is what it seems on the surface. Condemned to be hungry for fame and publicity, Venba stands for justice despite the challenges that are thrown at her.

Jyothika's husband Suriya hs produced the legal drama which also has Parthiban, K.Bhagyaraj, Thyagarajan, Pratap Poten and Pandiarajan in the cast. It will premiere on 29 May.