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Jwala Gutta / Instagram

Jwala Gutta got into the news recently for her rant on Twitter following being snubbed during the Padma Awards 2017. In a long statement, she mentioned that she had applied for the award three years, but the government has not paid any heed.

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The 33-year-old questioned what more she needs to do to bring her achievements to light. That set the tone for a massive war on Twitter.

For starters, Jwala is someone who doesn't back down from a fight. Not surprising, a day after Republic Day 2017, the fight continues. Even as this is being written, bombs are being dropped on Twitter from her feed.

Some of the top quotes from the Indian badminton star:

"Sindhu got padma shri before she even participated in olympics..get ur facts right! [sic]," her reply to an user on Twitter.

"I am in my right to question. questioning doesn't mean cribbing  [sic]"

"I have question a question..if u don't get ur promotion or bonus would u raise a question? Ask for it?? [sic]"

"So it's small to ask for raise promotion bonus etc etc if u r working in a company? [sic]"

"Just think about it..u work for ur company I work for my country..I'm asking why I didn't get the BONUS!! That's all [sic]"

A never-ending battle has ensued between her and an user going by the name of 'Sherni' on Twitter. 

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