Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is no stranger to controversies. From his 'brown face' photograph to calling snap elections amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Trudeau has courted his share of infamy. Now, the 50-year-old premier finds himself in the middle of a new controversy after a video of him singing 'Bohemian Rhapsody' allegedly two days before Queen Elizabeth II's funeral went viral on social media.

The clip shows Trudeau crooning the magnum opus by British rock band Queen in the lobby of The Corinthia Hotel, London. Trudeau, who was staying at the luxury hotel while in the city to attend the late monarch's funeral, can be seen surrounded by a small group of people singing the Freddie Mercury-penned number along with him.

Justin Trudeau
Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Representational Picture)Flickr/@World Bank Photo Collection

Owing to the timing of the incident, allegedly two days prior to Queen Elizabeth II being laid to rest, the Canadian PM has drawn flak on social media for his behaviour which several critics have described as "embarrassing" and "inappropriate". The clip 14-second-long clip has garnered over 1.7 million views since its sharing.

"Easy Come, Easy Go"

In the video, Trudeau can be heard singing the lines "Easy come, easy go, little high, little low". Canadian musician Gregory Charles can also be seen participating in the sing-along and playing the song on the piano.

Since the surfacing of the clip, Trudeau has drawn the ire of social media users from all walks of life. Vivian Bercovici, a former Canadian ambassador to Israel, tweeted: "You be the judge. Not how I would expect the ⁦@CanadianPM to behave on such an occasion. Then again. It is @JustinTrudeau." Keean Bexte, a Canada-based journalist, wrote: "Trudeau is celebrating his accession as Queen of Canada by drunkenly singing for an audience at the funeral of his predecessor. Classy."

Stating the PM's behaviour was "not cool", a user wrote: "He is representing Canadians at a FUNERAL for the QUEEN. My god, have you been to the UK? It's kind of a big deal and they take decorum very seriously. Stiff upper lip and all. Even David Beckham waited 13 hrs in line and shed a tear as he walked past her casket. Just NOT COOL."

PM's office Responds

Addressing the incident, the Canadian prime minister's office, made a statement. "After dinner on Saturday, Prime Minister joined a small gathering with members of the Canadian delegation, who have come together to pay tribute to the life and service of Her Majesty," the statement said, according to Star.

"Gregory Charles, a renowned musician from Quebec and Order of Canada recipient, played piano in the hotel lobby which resulted in some members of the delegation including the prime minister joining," the statement added, according to Metro.