Justin Theroux has squashed all rumours hovering over his marriage with actress Jennifer Aniston. In his recent interview, though the Charlie's Angels actor didn't directly address any such gossip, he clearly sent out a loud message that the newly-weds relationship is doing more than just rocking.

During an interview with "Good Morning America" host Robin Roberts (via Mirror), Justin Theroux not only gushed about his actress wife, but also about his married life. He revealed that his relationship with Jen was in fact fantastic and that their married life is just wonderful. He also said that being married had caused a shift in him.

"I'm not used to saying wife. I don't want to get used to it for a while. It's nice to drop the fiancé moniker. Oh my god. It's really nice to say 'my wife'," "The Leftovers" actor said.

Recently, Jen-Justin marriage was hit by divorce rumours which claimed that "The Break-Up" actress has been feeling dumped within 21 days of her wedding. But in this latest interaction, Justin slammed all haters by saying that he has no words to describe the feeling of being married.

"I guess it's one of those things that's like you know it when you see it, or feel it when you feel it for those who are married they'd know. But it's just something that settles and feels lovely and wonderful," he said.

And when the TV presenter commented that the "Friends" star seemed happy since the nuptials, Justin responded: "Likewise. It's fantastic. Something really does shift in a wonderful way and it sort of refocuses things and in a weird way I was sort of...it was a long time coming, but also put us in exactly sort of the right space...it's a wonderful thing."

Talking about how marriage changed their relationship, Justin added: "It goes beyond sort of having a ring on your finger or anything. You relax into it in a certain way."

Well, it looks Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston marriage is doing just fine. So, the next time you hear any gossip about the couple, just ignore it.