The Young and the Restless
Pictured: The poster for Facebook/The Young and the Restless

Justin Hartley, who played Adam Newman on popular daytime soap "The Young and the Restless" has confirmed his exit from the series, thereby ending his two-year stint on the CBS show.

In a letter on his Facebook page addressed to "the wonderful fans of Y&R," Hartley, who joined Y&R in August 2014, addressed his departure from the show and thanked his fans for making his time on the CBS soap enjoyable.

 "After many weeks of having to keep quiet in order not to spoil [Adam's 'death'] for all of you, the time has finally come that I'm able to write you this letter. Although I am saying goodbye to Y&R, this is not a goodbye letter. I felt it was more important to write a thank you note. Each and every one of you helped make my time on the show enjoyable.

"Although I'm leaving the show, you haven't gotten rid of me," he continued. "I'm beyond thrilled and proud of my new series, This Is Us, premiering September 20th on NBC."

Hartley's exit isn't surprising as his on-screen character was apparently killed off, but it's too soon to say if the show will once again bring him back from the dead. There are a number of theories on how Adam could have survived the blast, with one YouTube user pointing out that Victor could have been keeping tabs on the cabin and therefore sent someone to pull out his son before he got burned to death.

Meanwhile, a "The Young and the Restless" casting call has given fans the impression that Adam won't be away from the family drama too long. The casting call is for a character named Dean, but the descriptions match Adam Newman, the character that was previously essayed by Michael Muhney.

Some fans are also rooting for Muhney's return to the show. Check out a few reactions on Twitter below:

"The Young and the Restless" is aired Monday to Friday at 12:30 p.m. on CBS.