Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber
Selena Gomez with Justin BieberReuters

Is Justin Bieber cheating on Selena Gomez? The "Baby" singer was recently spotted going out for a dinner date with reality star and upcoming model Kendall Jenner. The two were reportedly spotted having a dinner date at Fredi restaurant in Paris.

Bieber and Jenner took the table at the back of Fredi restaurant, which is known for best cheeseburgers in Paris, according to reports.

A video of Bieber's dinner date with Jenner has been uploaded on Instagram, and it showed the two sitting opposite to each other and enjoying their meal. Rumourmongers found it interesting as Gomez was not with them.

Bieber and Jenner were seen having intimate moment at the Ricardo Tisci's birthday party in August, sparking off speculations if they were an item. Jenner even posted a picture of Bieber kissing her on Instagram with the caption: "With The Boys."

It may be recalled that Gomez allegedly had a fall out with Jenner sisters in April this year after they sent sexy selfies to Bieber. The incident reportedly led to her break-up with Bieber.

"Not just Kylie, there were pictures Kendall sent him too," a source told Hollywoodlife, adding, "But that wasn't the reason that Selena broke up with Justin. She saw messages and pictures from other girls that made her a 100 percent sure that he's been cheating on her since they got back together. She said she was only giving him one more chance and that was it."

However, this time, it seems Gomez is taking things in her stride. She trusts Bieber completely and is trying not to be jealous, according to the Website. 

Bieber and Gomez are said to be going strong after they got back together following a brief break-up. It is reported that Bieber is treating his girlfriend well and wants her to patch up with Jenner.

"Justin wants Selena to be friends with Kendall again too, he's been trying to get them all to hang out again, he hates that she's not cool with all his friends," a source further revealed .