Justin Bieber's month long PR campaign to promote his new single, "What Do You Mean", has finally paid off. The Canadian pop star's song has reached the number 1 spot on ITunes Singles Chart and the Apple Music Song Chart in 75 countries, including India.

"What Do You Mean" was released on Friday, 28 August and has garnered 1,464,375 views on YouTube. The song's release was preceded by a 30-day promotional campaign, in which friends of the "Baby" singer held placards counting down the days until its release date. Stars such as Kendall Jenner, Ryan Seacrest, Kate Hudson and Korean rapper G-Dragon helped Justin promote his song.

While the singer is riding on the success of his new single, a new lyric video featuring professional skater Ryan Sheckler premiered on YouTube on Monday, 31 August.

In a press statement, Justin said: "This is only the first step in the journey for me. This album is so personal to me, there's so much of my heart and soul in it, and I can't wait to bring my fans along for the ride."

Justin's song, "What Do You Mean" is speculated to be about his ex girlfriend, Selena Gomez. A few weeks ago, the singer himself said that the song is about women being "flip-floppy."

Fans of the singer can expect a week-long Justin blitz in the media. After performing at the MTV VMAs 2015, he will appear on NBC's "Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" on Wednesday, 2 September, followed by an appearance on "The Today Show" on 7 September, climaxing with live perform­ances on Thursday and Friday (10 and 11 September). 

Justin's new album is scheduled for release on 13 November. 

You can watch "What Do You Mean" video here: