Justin Bieber has reportedly written another song for his ladylove Selena Gomez. The "Baby" singer's new love ballad, "Life is Worth Living Again" has Gomez written all over it and speaks volumes about the recent reunion of the couple.

Bieber posted the song on his Instagram account on 15 March.

"Yes, 'Life Is Worth Living Again' was all for Selena and that's not the only song he's written for her. He's written a bunch of stuff for her, she's his biggest inspiration," a source told HollywoodLife.

This is not the first time the "Baby" singer has written something to woo his ladylove. In the past when the couple had briefly called it quits, Bieber had written a slew of songs expressing his heartbreak probably in a bid to lure Gomez back into his life.

And from the looks of it, Bieber seems to have achieved what he wanted.

Gomez and Bieber reunited earlier in March announcement it by posting online an intimate video of him dancing video with Gomez. Reportedly, Bieber is madly in love with Gomez and this time he is not letting her go.

"He loves her," a source close to the couple said. "He loves her smile and likes all the time, especially all this make-up time, that they're having. He's just going about his days with her, and loving and basking in every second of it."

Soon the couple will be embarking on a tour together.

"Ticket sales would be through the roof, and they desperately need the positive publicity after Justin's bad-boy behavior and Selena's stint in rehab," a source told Star magazine, as reported by HollywoodLife.

Last year, Gomez cancelled her Australian tour allegedly due to contracting Lupus, after which she checked into rehab to sort out her personal life. Meanwhile, Bieber's image was tarnished due to various controversies, including egging a neighbor's house

This upcoming tour is expected to restore their images and give their careers a much-needed boost.