Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been keeping their fans on the edge by dropping major clues about Jelena happening all over again. Though the ex lovers haven't said anything about reconciliation officially yet, they sure know how to keep their fans intrigued.

While stories about their past relationship still rule gossip columns, the two singers continue hinting about potential reunion. They can't hold back from talking and gushing about each other at interviews. And recently, they got fans excited when they were spotted cuddling and sharing PDA moments at a dinner date in Los Angeles.

And while many were still trying to figure out if this was a clear clue of the duo getting back together, the "What Do You Mean" singer has made another move to win "Same Old Love" singer's heart. But it looks like she is rather suspicious.

On 1 December, Justin Bieber posted an old picture of the two of them riding an ATV on his Instagram. And apparently, Selena is not upset, she's flattered; but wondering why did her ex post that photo, reported Hollywood Life.


Though the "Where are You Now" singer captioned the picture: "Just a throwback calm down," fans see this as the sign of Justin missing Selena and how he is worried about losing her.

And it's not just the fans, apparently even Selena thinks that Justin is up to something. "Selena is always flattered when Justin posts pics of them together on social media, but this time she is also thoroughly confused," an insider told.

The report further pointed out that rumours about Selena having moved on with hockey player Tom Wilson have been around for quite a while. So apparently, the songstress is wondering if her ex is feeling jealous. "She's not sure if Justin put up the old photo because he heard about Tom Wilson and he's jealous, or if it's his way of saying he misses her," the source added.

But at the same time, Selena is apparently trying to figure out the motive behind Justin's act. "She's not at all upset, but knows Justin has something up his sleeve," the source said.

Well, it looks like fans will have to continue reading between the clues that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez keep dropping about them getting back together.