Hold Tight
Album art for Justin Bieber's 'Hold Tight'.Justin Bieber Official Website

Justin Bieber, the 'Baby' hitmaker, has released his latest single 'Hold Tight' for the #MusicMondays project. The song follows two other tunes released in the past fortnight.

Bieber will release a new single every Monday under project "Music Mondays" until Christmas- the day his film "Believe" hits theatres. His last two hits, 'Heartbreaker' and 'All That Matters' went on sale 7th and 14th October, respectively.

The new song 'Hold Tight' released just before midnight. Bieber, who has used heavy electronic drum beats in the song, revealed the song to his fans on his twitter page with a flirty caption:

On his official website, Bieber writes about the song:

You really want me to describe this song? I told you the journals are bringing you into my most intimate moments. Just listen to the song and HOLD on as TIGHT as you can. Happy Birthday. -JB

Listen to the song below:

Bieber's new songs are intriguing with a unique marketing concept. Bieber's manager Scooter Braun explained to KPopStarz.com why Bieber is opting for this creative way:

"Justin had this complete body of work that was very different from the stuff he had done in the past -- very R&B-driven, personal songs, not necessarily songs that he was thinking of as radio records. That's why he called them 'journals.' They're very, very personal to what he's been feeling over the last six months, going through a tough time. If you listen to the lyrics in these songs -- "Heartbreaker," "All That Matters" -- he's pouring his heart out. When I looked at that, I looked at it as, "He didn't write one journal." He wrote them in different days, [with] different emotions at different points, and I wanted people to experience what he was feeling, week to week... As each week comes, people will have a different type of song, and understand the different experience he's going through week to week."

So, if they really are personal journals, are they love songs for Selena Gomez? According to HollywoodLife.com, Bieber had earlier explained that 'Heartbreaker' was all about his pain and suffering on 'losing her'.

In 'Hold Tight', Bieber starts off whispering 'Happy Birthday'. Was he revisiting Selena's 21st  'birthday experience' and the moments they shared at the bash?

Meanwhile, Selena's feelings for Bieber have not been wiped away either. More recently at a concert in Brooklyn, the singer broke down in tears while performing 'Love Will Remember' on stage. Many sources speculate that the song was intended for Bieber.

What did Selena have to say?

"Obviously, 'Love Will Remember' is a personal song to me and I don't really need to say anything. I think my fans will get it. I think people will figure it out themselves... I'm sure he'll like it too," EntertainmentWise notes.