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Justin Bieber, the "Baby" hitmaker, will pay $80,000 to his neighbour for egging down the house and for damage costs. He will also be performing community service working for MusiCares – a foundation that helps musicians struggling with addiction, depression etc- as a part of his penalty.

Over the summer of 2014, Bieber pleaded "No Contest" to one charge of misdemeanor vandalism after he launched an egg-attack on his neighbor's house in Calabasas, California. The Los Angeles County court ordered Bieber to two years of probation, six days of community service and 12 sessions of anger management classes.

The $80,000 cash penalty in damages was also part of the order. At the time, Bieber's rep issued a statement that said:

"Justin is glad to get this matter resolved and behind him. He will continue to move forward focusing on his career and his music."

True to the statement, Bieber is now making amends. He hasn't only paid his neighbor the $80,000 in damages but has also completed 6 of the 12 anger management sessions prescribed. He has also apparently agreed to "move desks" and "paint walls" at the headquarters of MusiCares, TMZ reports.

Bieber created one hell of a nuisance when he lived in Calabasas. His loud parties carried on until 3 a.m. in the morning and neighbors were always complaining of him speeding on the roads and smoking joints in front of kids.

NFL player Keyshawn Johnson had also filed an over-speeding case against Bieber. Prosecutors didn't press charges at that time due to lack of evidence.

Bieber moved out of the gated neighborhood after the egging incident. He rented a penthouse in Beverly Hills and moved from there after residents complained of too much noise and smoke.

Currently, Bieber is now paying $29,500 a month for a plush residence in Hollywood Hills, which was used to host the contestants of "American Idol" and "X Factor." His on-and-off girlfriend Selena Gomez briefly moved into the house with him but moved out after their recent break up.

Bieber was recently spotted at the Hillsong Church in New York with Kendall Jenner and Hailey Baldwin. Maybe the bad boy is really making amends in his own way!