For Justin Bieber, the MTV Video Music Awards stage was special. It not only marked his comeback, but stamped his presence in the music scene after a long time. To be sure, it was an emotional moment for the "Baby" singer. So it was no surprise that Biebs broke down while giving thanks to an awe-inspired audience.

Justin's live performance of his songs--"What Do You Mean" and "Where Are You Now"--was a spectacle to say the least. Biebs proved his talent when his dance moves and his singing was on point, not to mention the levitation stunts he pulled on the audience.

Regardless of whether you are a Justin Bieber fan, you could not help but appreciate his comeback performance. So why is Selena Gomez furious with her ex?

Well, reports suggest that Justin demanded his ex-girlfriend Selena should not be given any screen time during his performance. And it looks like the folks at MTV took Justin's prerequisites seriously. SelGo's reaction to Biebs' performance was not aired, although she appeared in several shots throughout the airing of VMAs.

"Justin had complete creative control over his performance. He knew his worth, and that MTV would agree to anything to get him back on the stage – his comeback was going to be huge. So, he told them he didn't want his name associated with Selena at all, nor were they allowed to play up the whole 'diss song' thing between them," reported Celeb Dirty Laundry quoting a source close to Justin.

According to reports, Selena's new album "Revival" is inspired by Justin. The "Good For You" singer has said that most songs on her new album are based on her relationship with Biebs, the webloid claimed. Selena and Justin's relationship has been off and on, and the two have broken up several times. 

Selena Gomez's new album "Revival" will be released on 9 October, while Justin Bieber's latest album releases on 13 November.