Justice League Aquaman
Zack Snyder, Vero

There's a lot of information still to uncover on the Justice League 'Snyder cut', a different version of the DC ensemble film which remains true to the original director's vision, Zack Snyder. But with Warner Bros. remaining mum on the entire issue, a lot of details regarding the film's directors cut remains unconfirmed.

In the original version of the Justice League, Snyder had further explored Aquaman's arc and the underwater world known as Atlantis. Moreover, a scene featuring Willem Dafoe as Nuidis Vulko was also part of the superhero team-up film. Unfortunately, none of those scenes ended up in the final cut. But was there a scene featuring another Aquaman star, Yahya Abdul Mateen II as Black Manta?

A DC fan with a similar query directed his response to the actor on Twitter asking if he is in the Snyder cut of Justice League. Yahya replied, "If you ask me about the snider cut you gon be disap-. No i'm not in it, not to my knowledge."

Aquaman Jason Momoa, Zack Snyder Vero
Justice League director Zack Snyder shares behind-the-scenes picture featuring Aquaman star Jason Momoa.Zack Snyder, Vero

Zack Snyder appears in HBO's Watchmen TV series

The Aquaman star, who recently appeared in HBO's Watchmen TV series was also asked about his thoughts on the feature film based on the same graphic novel, directed by Snyder. You can check out the replies below.

Justice League didn't end up as Snyder envisioned or neither did it work in Warner Bros. favour cramp the film significantly in hopes of earning more during opening weekend screenings. The cuts to meet the set runtime resulted in the axing of Vulko scenes and other plans to explore Atlantis in the Justice League.

The end version of the film bared little resemblance to Snyder's planned narrative. It's unfortunate that fans may never get to see the director's ideas for a Justice League sequel which would have had the team facing Darkseid, the trump card villain of DC Universe.

On the bright side, more actors and crew members who worked on the project are coming forward to confirm the existence of the Snyder cut. Recently, cinematographer Fabian Wagner showed his support for the director's cut.

Yahya will next be seen reprising his DCEU role in Aquaman 2. But no plot details are available yet.