Justice League
Warner Bros released the new Justice League trailer and an official poster that doesn't feature Superman Henry CavillJustice League Movie, Facebook

While the world premiere of Justice League takes place and Warner Bros has bad news. According to CBR, the second post-credits has also been leaked online. This comes hours after the first post-credits scene was reportedly leaked online.

The studio has successfully managed to keep the project under tight wraps. DCEU and WB have maintained a tight embargo to avoid any spoilers, reviews or any plot details from being revealed. However, the clip has found its way online.

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Going by the description shared by the website, the short clip gives fans the first look at Henry Cavill's resurrected Superman in a race with Ezra Miller's Flash as the two superheroes battle it out for the title of "Fastest Man Alive."

The playful clip teases the bond that the superheroes share in the movie and oozes Joss Whedon's style of filming. The scene concludes with the superheroes speeding away from the camera, without giving fans an answer as to who won.

This is the second leak before the movie's premiere. Before this, the other alternative post-credits scene, as teased by Jason Momoa was leaked online and showed a guard in Arkham Asylum approaching a man who resembles Lex Luthor.

CBR reports that the scene builds up to reveal that the prisoner is a mere decoy. The scene quickly cuts to a speedboat with someone extremely familiar on board. The speedboat is placed next to the luxurious yacht and as the camera shifts focus, it is revealed to be Deathstroke, who is greeted by Lex Luthor.

The scene goes on to show that the two discussing the return of Superman before the scene abruptly ends.

Interestingly, Aquaman Jason Momoa had confirmed a "fantastic" post-credits scene. With a preview of Deathstroke in Justice League post-credits scene, it will be an epic end to the movie. Earlier in the past, while the DCEU movie, Batman Ben Affleck had also teased that Deathstroke will be introduced into DCEU.

Justice League releases on November 17 and the reviews will be out on Tuesday, as per embargo.