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The latest movie in DC Extended Universe (DCEU), "Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice," has made it obvious that DC is planning to move ahead with its cinematic franchise in a different manner compared to its counterpart Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU).

According to Movie Web, DC movies have a significantly darker and serious theme when compared to MCU's films that have a lighter tone to them. While DC movies' characters have a proud and dignified attitude to them, Marvel ones are usually cool and friendly, with a few exceptions like Captain America. This difference also reflects in the comic book counterparts of both the companies.

Besides it, Marvel movies are all well interconnected and include MCU series like "Agents of SHIELD." However, both Warner Bros. and DC have kept their movies and series separately.

When The CW's renowned series "The Flash" premiered in 2014, the fans wanted to see Grant Gustin playing the role of "Crimson Comet" on the big screen too. However, Warner Bros. chose Ezra Miller instead to play Barry Allen in the upcoming "Justice League" and standalone "The Flash" movies.

In an interview with New York Daily News, "Dawn of Justice" and "Justice League" director Zack Snyder explained why Gustin wouldn't have been an appropriate Flash in DCEU.

"I just don't think it was a good fit. I'm very strict with this universe and I just don't see a version where that (tone is) not our world. Even if Grant Gustin is my favorite guy in the world and he's very good, we made a commitment to the multi-verse (idea), so it's just not a thing that's possible," Snyder said.

As is with all the DCEU movies, "The Flash" will also have a darker tone to it and even though the TV series counterpart has several darker moments, it mostly has a lighter-themed storyline to it.

Even if Snyder would have decided to star Gustin in the upcoming DCEU movies, the shooting schedule of both "Justice League" and "The Flash" movie would have clashed with the TV series in one way or another.

Nevertheless, whether the fans will eventually accept Ezra Miller donning the costume of "The Streak" or not, will be only seen once the movies release in the coming years.

"Justice League Part I" is scheduled to be released in theatres Nov. 17, 2017, while "The Flash" will hit the big screen March 16, 2018.