Justice League is going to change DCEU forever, and by that, we don't mean only in terms of box office collections, we are also talking about the studio's future. Justice League has been the talk of the town ever since Zack Snyder passed over the project to The Avengers' director Joss Whedon. The movie made more headlines after Variety reported that DC and Warner Bros are spending $25 million dollars on reshoots.

Justice League
Justice League's new poster launched at Comic-Con last weekJustice League Movie, Facebook

This got fans thinking if Justice League that will premiere in theatres this November will still be Snyder's vision. But it looks like it might not be. With Mashable is reporting that Snyder has reduced his role in DCEU, a recent statement by DC's creative head Geoff Johns has hit another nail in the coffin with regard to Snyder's future in DCEU.

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According to a report published by Screen Rant, the DC head spoke at the San Diego Comic-Con recently and took a dig at Snyder without taking his name. The creative chief began discussing his role in the studio and slipped in the dig.

He said, "I work with so many talented people. So there's people that love it, and understand it, and embrace it, and then there's people that don't know that and you want to help them learn it, and you want to tell them why a certain storyline for a certain character might not work. Or why a take on a character might not work, or what Superman really should be."

"But the whole thing is to craft and shape the story and the tone to fit the character. And to celebrate the character, instead of deconstruct the character. I think you want to celebrate the character, because you've got to celebrate something and build it up, I think, to really make it into something that represents who that character truly is," he explained.

Justice League
Justice League directors Zack Snyder and Joss WhedonGetty Images

Arguing his point, he added, "And also, the fact that I've written all these comic books gives me a lot of credibility coming into the room because it's hard to argue sometimes. Like, people can tell me what Aquaman is, but if I've written the book – literally – it helps me out."

These lines are a clear indication that there are differences between the creatives and Snyder. This could eventually lead to Snyder's exit. But will his work also be undone? 

It looks like the studio is only looking at Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice's failure and not considering that Snyder actually brought a different take to the traditional Superman story for viewers. Setting the ball rolling with Man of Steel, the director brought in one of the best Superman actors to screen, Henry Cavill.

His vision for Wonder Woman resulted in DCEU's biggest success yet and with the love Aquaman fans are giving to Jason Momoa, the casting credit again goes to Snyder. So before DCEU dives into bidding Snyder a farewell, they need to look into the ground work Snyder has put in for the new DC world to be set up.

Justice League will release on November 17, 2017. DCEU's future will be decided then.