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Reshoots of many crucial scenes of Justice League are currently in progress. New behind the scene pictures hinted at a few possible spoilers. While important details such as Superman Henry Cavill's role in Justice League and reshoot information are kept under cover, a new cast update teases JL spoilers.

The new cast confirmation from the Warner Bros/DC studios indicate Justice League will see a number of parallel storylines. Apart from Aquaman's Amber Heard, who plays the love interest of Jason Momoa, The Flash's girlfriend will also make an appearance in the Justice League movie.

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Playing the role of Iris West, The Flash aka Barry Allen's girlfriend, actress Kiersey Clemons has confirmed her cameo in the upcoming DCEU release, before a full-fledged role in The Flash standalone movie.

The actress's role as West was confirmed by Warner Bros last year. It was after the announcement that rumours of her appearing in Justice League began doing the rounds. Putting the rumours to rest, Clemons confirmed her appearance in the DC movie to Modeliste Magazine.

Kiersey Clemons
Kiersey Clemons will be seen playing the role of Iris West in Justice League and The FlashFrazer Harrison/Getty Images

She also confirmed that her cameo has already been filmed and the shooting took place in London.

"This November, I'm making a cameo in Justice League as Iris West and it's the first time that you meet her before we get to see her in The Flash with Ezra Miller. It was my first time doing something so extravagant like that. We filmed in London and that's one of my favorite places," she told the magazine.

This means that apart from the action-packed presentation, Justice League will set a platform for individual storylines for the upcoming DCEU standalone movies. While it was known that Aquaman's back story will be touched upon in Justice League, it now appears that Wonder Woman's back story featuring the old gods will also be explored. Superman's epic return will be a highlight and the battle between the League's superheroes and Steppenwolf will make for many memorable moments.

West's confirmation adds to an extravagant list of crucial supporting stars including General Antiope star Robin Wright, Mera actress Amber Heard, James Gordon played by JK Simmons, Superman's mother Martha Kent actress Diane Lane, Billy Crudup, who will be seen as Barry's father, Henry Allen, in Justice League.

Justice League trailer: 

Justice League will release on November 17.