Jurassic World
The official poster of "Jurassic World" - the third installment of "Jurassic Park"Twitter

For those of you who can't wait until Thanksgiving for the official "Jurassic World" trailer, Universal Pictures just released a teaser of the upcoming trailer of the much-awaited sequel to the popular dinosaur series. But what will the full official trailer look like?

Some parts of the trailer leaked a month ago. The official trailer will supposedly open with a group of tourists travelling to "Isla Nublar," where "Jurassic World" operates. Several dino-based attractions will be revealed in the trailer and there is one scene where a giant white shark is being fed to a humongous aquatic dinosaur much to the glee of the onlookers in the park.

Things go haywire when a "new dinosaur" – one that hasn't been shown in the previous instalments – breaks loose and Chris Pratt, who is a dinosaur tamer and a master with taming "Velociraptors," uses the raptors to find the vagabond dinosaur.

The full trailer is expected to air on NBC on Thanksgiving – Nov.27.

Jurassic World was previously being called Jurassic Park IV and was apparently in production limbo since 2001. However, Universal Pictures finally confirmed the making of the film in early 2013 and dropped a new release date and title in September that year.

Just about fifteen seconds long, the latest teaser offers enough to get fans excited. Within hours, the footage crossed a million views worldwide!

The video gives us a peek into the park's interiors, which is apparently "open again". We get to see some real heroes – the dinosaurs - running in the park while people enjoy safari rides around them. There is a glass-ball safari ride too!

We also catch a glimpse of Bryce Dallas Howard in a tech-savvy control room of sorts and immediately after, we see a super-concerned looking Chris Pratt as an elevator door opens.

In a previous interview, Pratt said that his character is pretty "serious" in the whole movie.

"In Jurassic World, the character is unlike any other one I've played and he's not like Peter Quill. There's not much humour, I think he's a little more John Wayne than Marty McFly," Pratt was quoted as saying by The Daily Mail.

"He's deadly serious. There are comedic elements in the film, just not coming from my character (sic)."

John William's original score for the movie plays in slow melody in the background throughout the video.

"Jurassic World" is the fourth instalment of the uber-popular movie and is slated to hit theatres in June 2015. Universal Pictures first announced the trailer in an impressive way.

"Jurassic World" has a dedicated website which has more information on the movie franchise and some latest news too.