Jurassic World teaser release
Fans of “Jurassic World” can have a look at the smallest dinosaur in Isla Nublar Island through the film’s official website.Screenshot/Youtube

The official "Jurassic World" website has revealed the details of seven more dinosaurs -- Suchomimus, Microceratus, Edmontosaurus, Baryonyx, Dimorphodon, Metriacanthosaurus Pteranodon -- that will be featured in the upcoming movie along with Indominus Rex.

Here are the details:

Microceratus, as the name suggest, is the smallest dinosaur in the new theme park. It is three-feet-long and weighs about six kg. The dinosaur has short frills and a very low aggression index. It loves to eat leaves and twigs.

Dimorphodon is one of the popular dinosaurs that appear in the "Jurassic Park" movies. It is 10-feet-long and weighs up to two kg. The flying reptile is carnivorous and has a medium aggression index. It is known as a snap feeder due to its perfect features for catching prey.

Baryonyx is a 30-feet-long dinosaur with medium aggression. It is one of the largest fish-eating dinosaurs and weighs up to 2,000 kg. The dinosaur hunts much like a bear and is said to be the master hunter of lakes and rivers.

Metriacanthosaurus is carnivorous and has a high aggression index. It is 26-feet-long and weighs about 2,000 kg. The dinosaur is a distinctively spined vertebrae. It is a habitat of England and is known for its large fleet feet. 

Suchomimus is 36-feet-long and up to 3000 kg. It is carnivorous and has a high aggression index. The dinosaur is a habitat of Africa and is known for the distinctive sail on its lower back and huge, foot-long claws.

Pteranodon is another popular dinosaur that appears on "Jurassic Park" films. It is primarily a fish eater and has a very high aggression index. The dinosaur is 20-feet-long and weighs about 30 kg. It is one of the biggest flying reptiles in "Jurassic World".

Edmontosaurus is a flat-headed duck-billed dinosaur with low aggression index. It is 36-feet-long and weighs about 4000 kg. It is among the few dinosaurs that can grind vegetables before swallowing it. The raptor loves hanging out in herds.