Jurassic World
Funny Fan Made Video on ‘Jurassic World’ Shows Chris Pratt’s Raptor Training Section.You Tube/Screenshot

Chris Pratt, who will be portraying Owen in the upcoming "Jurassic Park" series, is expected to be a dinosaur trainer and a new fan-made video humorously explains the raptors' reaction during the training section in the film.

The animated clip about Velociraptor training has gone viral in less than a weeks' time with 1,108,633 views.

The one-minute, thirty-second long viral video can be considered as a creative, elaborate clip of the new "Jurassic World" trailer released during the Super Bowl.

The dinosaur training clip, which was uploaded on YouTube by How It Should Have Ended, begins with Pratt trying to train three raptors. However, the Velociraptors seem less than excited about the training and want to eat Pratt in the video, as one of the dinosaurs says, "I say we eat him".

When the trainer tries to convince the raptor by saying that everyone is like a family in the park, the dinosaur replies that it really wants to eat his face.

Flattered by the Velociraptor's reply, Pratt says, "Well, I am popular now. So that's understandable", and the dinosaurs start making fun of the actor.

While one raptor says, "You think you are so cool. Don't you?" another asks, "Who Do You Think You Are, Indiana Jones?"

The Velociraptors also ask him about his role in a Steven Spielberg production and Pratt once again tries to take them back to the trying section.

The viral video ends by showing the dinosaurs riding a motor cycle and ending up their lives in Indominus Rex's mouth. 

Watch the funny fan made video on "Jurassic World" below: