Jurassic World
Vincent D’Onofrio as Vic Hoskins in 'Jurassic World'.You Tube/Screenshot

The makers of "Jurassic World" have revealed details about the upcoming movie in its official website through a video clip.

The one-minute-26-second-long motion picture, which introduces Vic Hoskins (Vincent D'Onofrio) to the viewers, begins with a voice-over, explaining the obligations of Masrani to protect the company's clients from all sorts of risks in the theme park.

Hoskins is the head of InGen's private security division in "Jurassic World", which provides cutting edge technologies and valuable resources to the world.

As per the video, under the leadership of Hoskins, InGen's private security division is currently developing advanced security measures to ensure the safety of visitors to Masrani's global revolutionary theme park and resort.

The short clip also describes the importance of security systems in the park, which comes with a certain set of risks.

"Our job here on Nublair is to work with Asset Containment and to ensure a safe environment for millions of people who visit the global destination every year, " the voice-over in the video quotes the words of Hoskins.

With the help of the video, production team of fourth "Jurassic Park" film tries to remind dinosaur fans that the fictional project is not just about the raptors but also on the struggles of several employees working in the park.

Watch the video by makers of "Jurassic World" below: