Many of the dinosaur fans across the globe were disappointed with the "Jurassic Park" film franchise as they did not get to enjoy much of a dinosaur adventure in "Jurassic World". So speculations are ripe that the creative team will introduce a new set of raptors in the upcoming sequel.

Although it is not clear if Indominus Rex will be back, Colin Trevorrow has already teased a new set of hybrid dinosaurs in the new movie. According to him, some of them will be militarised by the chief geneticist Dr Henry Wu (B D Wong) and rest of them will be used for various other purposes.

The creator even stated that the upcoming sequel will not be limited to a theme park "and there are applications for this science that reach far beyond entertainment."

But apart from the hybrids, fans are also eager to watch popular dinosaurs such as Utahraptor, Plesiosaur, Allosaurus, Giganotosaurus and Ichtyosaur.

While the creative team are tight-lipped about the possibilities of including these raptors in the movie, a leaked storyboard of "Jurassic World" revealed that the franchise had plans to introduce Plesiosaur and Ichtyosaur. So fans can expect to see the raptors in the next sequel.

Meanwhile, a YouTube channel called The Stupendous Wave recently discussed the chances of featuring Utahraptor, Allosaurus and Giganotosaurus in "Jurassic World" 2. It stated that the raptors may take viewers to a thrilling world.

However, since there are no official confirmation from the franchise, fans will have to wait for little long to know more about the film.

"Jurassic World 2" is scheduled to hit big screens of UK on 7 June and the US on 22 June 2018.