Jurassic World 2, the upcoming science fiction adventure film tilted Fallen Kingdom, has triggered several speculations. One of the plot rumours related to the movie is about a new hybrid dinosaur.

After watching the action-packed sequences of Indominus Rex, the franchise fans were always desperate to know if a new hybrid dinosaur will be introduced in the upcoming flick. An image of a human dinosaur hybrid also made its way online.

The raptor reportedly had a scene with Chris Pratt's character Owen Grady and Bryce Dallas Howard's character Claire Dearing. But the scene was deleted during the post production process, according to a fansite called Jurassic Outpost.

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Jurassic World
First poster of Jurassic World 2.Twitter/Jurassic World

"We have heard the scene involved Owen and Claire stumbling upon an adult and juvenile in the wild. Claire expresses her surprise, saying she didn't know this dinosaur was on the island, and the Stegoceratops charges Owen as he gets too close to the infant," stated the website.

Recently, a few images and information related to the new hybrid dinosaur were shared online by an artist named Bodin Sterba. New details about the raptor have increased the curiosity of the viewers to know about its appearance in Fallen Kingdom.

However, creator Colin Trevorrow has already revealed the reason for deleting the scene from the prequel film. He said that after a conversation with his son he felt that the concept of many hybrids in the film would be wrong.

"In an earlier draft there was a scene where Chris [Pratt] and Bryce [Dallas Howard] come across another hybrid in the jungle. It informed them that Dr. Wu has been making other hybrids under her nose. Then my six-year-old son watched Return Of The Jedi, and said to me, 'Dad, if Leia is also a Jedi that means that Luke isn't unique.' It was like, 'Ha! Okay.' And for some reason I applied that to this other thing and felt like there could be only one [hybrid dinosaur]. The idea that there was more than one made it feel less like the one synthetic among all the other organics, and suddenly it seemed entirely wrong to have it in the movie. I suddenly hated the idea but the toy still exists as a kind of remnant because Hasbro toys are locked a year out," the filmmaker told Empire magazine.

Even director Juan Antonio García Bayona said in one of his interviews that Jurassic World 2 has fewer similarities with its prequel film and it is more linked to the original trilogy.

Jurassic World
First look photo of Jurassic World 2.Twitter/Colin Trevorrow

Meanwhile, an image shared online by a former prop maker of Pinewood Studios teases potential plot spoilers for Fallen Kingdom. According to a fansite called Scified, the dinosaur museum featured in the first official image could have a vital role to play in the film.

"This isn't the first time that a Museum setting has been teased for the sequel. The first official still showed a young girl standing in front of numerous Dinosaur skeletons. Frank Marshall tweeted a picture of a dinosaur statue alongside several production chairs. In addition several other leaked pictures that have been revealed have shown statues supposedly to be featured in the mansion. So it appears the amount of effort being placed into the Museum setting does make it appear as if this location will be a focal point in the film. Presumably the private collection belongs to Benjamin Lockwood, and is located in his Mansion which have been seen set photos posted since filming began," stated the online portal.