The coronavirus pandemic has affected every industry in the world. The entertainment industry has been no different.

Jun So Min

Hollywood has had its fair share of upsets this year with postponements of big budget movies and health scares for stars.

The Korean entertainment industry seems to be going through the same. However, in the midst of all the gloom of the coronavirus. Star Jun So Min has shared a welcome update during her time off!

Earlier this month, Jun So Min announced that she would be taking a temporary break from all activities due to health concerns.

The actress is currently resting after showing signs of exhaustion during a shoot for SBS's "Running Man."

Jun So Min seems to be recovering well after her health scare. Which thankfully had nothing to do with he coronavirus.

Reportedly, the star took to Instagram to share some of her late-night thoughts and feelings. In addition to posting a screenshot of Kim Hyun Chul's song "Lifetime," she wrote, that she had brought speakers into her bedroom.

She added that she had thought to herself that it had been a really long time since she last listened to music, and she suddenly became afraid that romance and sentimentality had left her.

Fans sure will be pleased to know that Jun So Min is doing well.