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"Jump Jilani," directed by Satti Babu, hit the screens on Thursday (12 June). The film has Allari Naresh in dual roles, while Isha Chawla and Swati Dixit are the female leads.

Allari Naresh's last release "Laddu Babu" failed to set the cash registers ringing. In just two months, the actor has come up with another comedy entertainer. "Jump Jilani" has received average reviews from critics, who have termed it as a routine comedy film.

The Allari Naresh starrer is a remake of the Tamil film "Kalakalappu," which did well at the box office. Director Satti Babu has struck with the original storyline, though he has made some changes in the remake version. For instance, Allari Naresh plays a dual role in the Telugu version, while the Tamil version had two different actors playing the roles.

Story: Sattiababu (Allari Naresh) is struggling to run his ancestor's hotel Satyanarayana Vilas in Nidadavole. But he somehow manages to run the hotel with the help of an old chef (Kota Srinivasa Rao) and his granddaughter Ganga (Swati). His brother Ram Babu (Allari Naresh) is a conman and a small time thief. Soon, Satti Babu faces problems from the new health officer Madhavi (Isha Chawla) who wants to seal the place. With the help of his twin brother, Sattibabu manages to lure Madhavi and she falls for him. On the other hand, the twin brother falls in love with Ganga.

Sattibabu comes to know that Madhavi's grandfather (M S Narayana) has fixed her marriage with Ugra Narasimha Reddy (Posani Krishna Murali), a powerful faction leader in Pulivendala. He promises her that he will help her escape from the marriage. At the same time, a diamond seller's (Rao Ramesh) mobile phone, which has ₹10 crore worth diamonds hidden in it, comes into Sattibabu's hands that lands him and his brother in trouble. What happens next forms the crux of the story.

Critics have stated that Posani Krishna Murali's acting is the major highlight in the film, while Allari Naresh's performances in dual roles are just adequate.

"As expected Allari Naresh does his usual best in this film too. The way he goes about his two characters look honest on screen. Without doubt, the major plus point of the film is Posani Krishna Murali. It is his role which gives a breather to the film. Though he enters only during the second half, he makes the most of it," said 123telugu.

The film's first half is very slow, while the second half picks up pace and looks interesting, according to the critics. "The entire first half of the movie is way too slow. The original entertainment takes for ever to begin, and one has to go through the tedious first half to start enjoying this film," the website stated.

"The second half of the film is where the actual action begins and makes things interesting. The way the story and some funny situations have been designed is pretty good."

Andhraboxoffice website said that the film has a "decent story line with ordinary and tad boring screen-play. 1st half feels very slow and leaves you hopeless. As the story unfolds in 2nd half gets little better and ends with a comedy of errors climax!. The last 1 hour is bearable."

According to Cineoutlook, "Movie is watchable when compared to previous Naresh ventures. Though it is an old plot it is still not a bad watch. Movie's weak screenplay is being compensated with the acting by all the leading comedians."

The website gave its verdict stating that "Jump Jilani" is a decent one time watch for those who prefer comedy.

"Watch it if you are looking out for some good laughs thou there is neither common sense nor logic in the movie."

Verdict: Routine Comedy