Daniel Hauber
Daniel Hauber

We came up to one fantastic talent called Daniel Hauber born in Wertheim Germany. This young lad is the Co-founder of Babba Media. He is one of the renowned video marketing trainers for individuals and companies.

Daniel was always right in marketing and all, and his this talent first was spotted by his boss where he was working. He was given many offers by his boss looking to his exceptional talent. Daniel Hauber got good success in that work, and he earned the right name too. He worked on his body for the marketing work to impress clients.

After that training, he became the youngest store manager in sales. He was store manager in one of the biggest retail companies in Europe. At that time, Daniel slowly was getting his grip in marketing and also becoming stronger in his belief that he can do much in his life.

After doing every kind of work, Daniel Hauber finally decided to start his own work as he was not getting satisfaction from the job. So he finally gave up his job, yes it was a tough decision, but Daniel feels you cannot progress in life if you don't take the risk.

Daniel Hauber started making youtube videos with his own. In 2013 once his inspiration Dennis Koray told him you are good-looking and cool guy must try online video marketing. For him, that was turning point he started working on making youtube videos.

While working on a new venture, he met his partner Stefan Beier. Daniel feels Stefan is similar to him, and he understands the work.

In a short period of time, Daniel Hauber started to receive fame and money from his work. Right now, he has built a strong team. He is working for many top brands. Daniel Hauber has helped many young ones with his work and also inspired many young ones to start this work. He has reached new records of sales in the past few years, which shows his capability.

Daniel Hauber is a fantastic video marketer and motivator. He is a live example of how to become successful in life if you have the guts and talent.

Daniel Hauber shares his message to his fans and followers who want to become like him. Working with video is easier than you can imagine. Don't fear of standing in front of the camera. Try to work on your weaknesses and aim big in life. Life has the solution to every problem, so don't get stuck in a problem look for the right solution to move forward in life.

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