Journey is finally coming to PS4 this July
Journey is finally coming to PS4 this July

As far as Indie games are concerned, it's almost disheartening to see that not many people treat them with the kind of importance they deserve – especially in an age of Call of Duty and GTAs. However, Journey is probably one of the best indie titles to have ever been released, and we are happy that it's finally arriving for the PS4.

Journey, deservingly, received major acclaims from top critics when it was initially pushed out for PS3. And with its eye-catching graphics, a revolutionary multiplayer offering and probably the best use of music in any game, we were a bit surprised that it took so long for the devs to finally let the game out for the powerful PS4.

So when it was announced earlier in the year that Journey would be re-released on the PlayStation 4, we had to contain our excitement until a final release date was made official. However, that day has finally arrived with the game currently set to hit the revolutionary PS4 on 21 July.

As of now, Sony has released a brand new trailer for the game, confirming that the game is indeed PS4 bound. You can check out the trailer below. And going through it, it feels like even though we played the game on PS3 already, we will still pick up a copy of the game for PS4.

[Source: Twinfinite]