Omprakash Mishra
Omprakash Mishra, the latest internet sensationYoutube/screenshot

While "rap king" Omprakash Mishra's Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya (Aunty Ki Ghanti) song video is going viral, the singer's fans have been issuing rape and death threats to some journalists who have called the song misogynistic.

Although the song Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya was posted on YouTube a couple of years ago, the video became extremely popular only recently. Of late, a trend has been set whereby some young fans of Omprakash gather at a particular spot and shout out the initial parts of the song's lyrics.

Scoopwhoop had recently come up with a translation of the lyrics of the song, which suggests that the track is extremely vulgar in terms of the words used in it.

Later, Quint came up with a video criticising the song and labelling it misogynistic and sexist. YouTube, meanwhile, has removed the song video citing a copyright claim by Smokedline.

Fans of the rapper started abusing Quint and also the journalist who appeared on the video criticising the Bol Na Aunty Aau Kya song. Hateful comments began to reach the publication, and the journalist named Deeksha Sharma fell victim to heavy trolling on Facebook.

The trolling crossed the line where the journalist started receiving rape and death threats. And the singer himself seems to be endorsing these trolls on Facebook.

Quint has since filed a complaint with the Cyber Crime Cell against Omprakash and the online abusers. "Every abuse you can think of, you will find in my Facebook inbox. They took screenshots of my photos and posts and started circulating them on Instagram," Deeksha told the News Minute.

The journalist faced a lot of abusive comments all over social media for criticising the viral song. 

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